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Firstly, my name is Jedrzej Chelminski, (if you don't speak Polish you are probably scratching your head right about now.) "Jedrzej" is an older and rarer Polish name, very close to "Andrzej" which is Andrew in Polish. To all the Anglophones reading this, the pronunciation of "Jedrzej" is actually not as bad as you might imagine, phonetically it is approximate to "yen-dzhey".

I was born in Kraków, Poland, which, I might humbly add, is one of the greatest cities in the world. When I was 8, my family and I left a communist Poland and moved to West Germany. After a year we moved to Canada, where I was raised. Recently, I returned to Europe where I spent over a year employed at an NGO doing graphic design and communications work in Geneva, Switzerland.

When it comes to my interest in computers, more specifically; gaming, graphic and web design and digital photography, well, that seed was planted at an early age. I still remember sitting for hours in front our 386/33Mhz IBM clone, logging onto BBS communities with a 14.4K modem. I was around 11 years old at the time. It was my first exposure to what would now be called an online environment. I won't begin to describe the hours spent on my computer online, playing games etc, suffice it to say that the fascination was there and it continued to flourish.

After high school, I began my studies at McMaster University in engineering, joining the software engineering stream in my second year. During this year I realised I was not enjoying the program as anticipated and so I decided to transfer to something more diversified, flexible and creative.

I began a combined honours degree in multimedia and economics. Having transferred from an unrelated faculty I was left with virtually no credits, so I was starting anew. However, the multimedia programme provided me with a creative outlet, yet continued to cater to my more technical abilities, while economics was more theory and science based, focusing on analysis and critical thinking, so I was happy with my new direction. It was definitely not a common choice for a combined degree, but it was the mix that I had been looking for.

Jedrzej Chelminski

jedrzej (at) cogeco.net

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